October 19, 2014
Three Innovative Fire Rated Products from SAFTI FIRST
Three Innovative Addtitions to Fire Rated Product Line Innovation is the engine of business success. Whether it’s the development of a brand-new product, a more efficient process or a novel way of serving customers, innovation helps distinguish a company from its competitors while raising the bar for everyone. Enterprises that emphasize innovation have been shown...
May 20, 2014
Using Fire Rated Glass in Exterior Applications
Fire Rated Glass in Exterior Applications Fire rated glass and framing assemblies are just as beneficial on building exteriors as they are on the inside. But knowing how to select the correct fire-rated glass for exterior applications can be confusing.  The fire resistance rating for exterior walls—which ranges from no required rating to 3 hours—is based...
April 1, 2014
The Risks of Mismatched Fire Rated Assemblies
Mismatching your fire proof building solutions may cause failure to perform building’s safety procedures. Learn More the Risks of Using the Wrong Product for Your Project. Mismatched fire-rated glass and framing happens more often than you think. Failing to confirm that the tested and listed performance capabilities of the framing system match those of the...

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