Radiant Heat

November 1, 2017
UL-Listed does not mean code-approved
It’s undeniable that Underwriters Laboratories (UL) has built a reputation as a premiere agency that tests and lists fire rated glazing products. In addition to doing a tremendous job at testing and listing products, UL is also an accredited standards developer in the US: For fire protective (or fire-protection-rated) glazing, UL has developed UL 9,...
July 28, 2017
London fire shines spotlight on fire prevention, protection and education
London fire shines spotlight on fire prevention, protection and education It has been a month since news of the tragic Grenfell Tower Fire in London shook the entire world.  While the investigation is still underway, many experts have been weighing in on how a tragedy of this magnitude could have happened, and how it can...
March 22, 2017
Fire resistive glazing systems provide architects, owners and envelope consultants assurance of documented performance
It may look like a regular window, but these advanced fire resistive glazing systems are recognized in the code as transparent walls because of its ability to block smoke, flames and significantly limit the passage of dangerous radiant heat.This month, Architect’s Guide to Glass called exterior applications of fire rated glazing as the “the new...
August 25, 2016
FAQ on fire rated glazing applications
Between regular updates to fire rated code requirements in the IBC and several fire rated glazing product choices, choosing the correct and code approved fire rated glazing product can be confusing. This why over the years, we’ve come up with several articles, newsletters, technical bulletins and case studies on several topics ranging from IBC updates,...
March 29, 2016
Unlimited? Not When it Comes to Fire Rated Glass
Limitations when it comes to fire rated glass I don’t know of any fire rated product that doesn’t have its limitations. So let’s be honest, advertisements urging designers to “be unlimited” when it comes to using glass ceramics, or any other fire protective glazing, are misleading.  Especially when they tout fire ratings up to 3...
SuperSecure II-XLS with Level III Ballistic/Grade 2 Attack in GPX Ballistic Framing
February 9, 2016
State of the Fire Rated Glass Industry
End-of-year Summary for Fire Rated Glass and The Demand for Fire Rated Glass in 2015 Once again I have the fortunate opportunity to share my thoughts as to where we’ve been and where we’re going in the world of fire rated glass. 2015 was another very strong year for SAFTI FIRST. I hope it was...
November 25, 2015
Fire Rated Doors: Standards, Testing and Glazing Requirements
Fire rated door assemblies play an important role in saving lives and minimizing property damage by providing safe egress and compartmentalizing smoke, flames and when required, dangerous radiant heat. Today’s fire rated doors frequently incorporate glazing to enable vision and transparency that maximize natural or shared lighting as well provide additional security to areas that...
August 20, 2015
Specialty tempered glass??
Ceramics vs Wired vs Specialty Tempered Glass comparison Tempered glass is an excellent choice for large expanses of glass that maximize clear views while providing significant wind load and thermal stress resistance. When it comes to choosing a glazing product for applications requiring durability, strength and safety, architects have long chosen tempered glass. Having ten...
April 1, 2015
Radiant Heat: The Invisible Killer
Where There’s Smoke, There’s Fire. Where There’s fire, There’s the Deadly Threat of Radiant Heat. Find Solution. Where there’s smoke, there’s fire. Where there’s fire, there’s the deadly threat of radiant heat. When you warm yourself in front of a fireplace, you experience radiant heat firsthand. In small doses, radiant heat can be warm and...
January 16, 2015
Sprinkler Reliability, Radiant Heat and the IBC
IBC Minimum Requirements for the Public’s Safety Much attention has been given to active fire protection systems, such as fire sprinklers, that are designed to suppress fires. While automatic sprinklers are reliable, they are neither absolute nor infallible. According to the NFPA’s “U.S. Experience with Sprinklers” report in June 2013, sprinklers operated in 91 percent...

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