New IBC Marking System for Fire Rated Glazing Assemblies

2012 IBC Table 716.3 – Marking Fire Rated Glazing Assemblies

It’s about to get a lot easier to use the right glazing product in the right application, thanks to new and revised tables in the 2012 IBC. Specifically, Table 716.3 “Marking Fire Rated Glazing Assemblies,” provides architects, specifiers, installers, plan reviewers, and building officials with an easy reference that shows which performance standard(s) a product meets along with its duration rating. Read more…

Letters replace test standards

Prior to the 2006 IBC, fire rated glass was required to have labels showing the testing agency, the test standard and the test duration. Under the new marking system, the test standard is replaced with letters that refer to the performance standard a glazing product meets. The testing agency and test duration remain.

  • “W” means that the glazing has been tested to the fire wall test standard (ASTM E119/NFPA 251/UL 263) and is fire resistive.
  • “D” means the product has been tested to the fire door test standard (NFPA 252)
  • “H” means the product passes the hose stream procedure.
  • “T” means the glazing meets the temperature rise limits required for temperature rise doors used in exit enclosures and passageways.
  • “OH” means the glazing has been tested to the fire window test standard (NFPA 257) and meets both the fire endurance and hose stream requirements of the test standard.

What about fire rated glass products that meet multiple standards? Click here to read the full article, complete with project photos and examples.