December 5, 2014
Glazing Assemblies Tested to Resist Forced Entry, Bullets, Blast and Radiant Heat
Security glazing is not yet mandated by the model building codes. Instead, there is a tapestry of security glazing test standards that have evolved over time...
September 20, 2014
Schools Replace Unsafe Wired Glass (2011)
Middlebury Replaces Unsafe Wired Glass Once the college became aware of the hazards of wired glass, Middlebury surveyed and catalogued 1500 pieces of traditional wired glass in doors and windows. Over a four-year period, the college replaced unsafe applications of wired glass with clear, wire-free, impact-safe, and affordable alternatives. Read more… Jury Finds Portland District Negligent...
September 20, 2014
Use Stimulus Money to Improve School Safety
Replace or Upgrade Dangerous Wired Glass Traditional wired glass is NOT safety glass. It breaks with minimal impact causing thousands of school injuries every year. The stimulus dollars now flowing to local school districts can be used to replace or upgrade unsafe wired glass in schools. This newsletter and our Safe Glass for Schools website are intended...
September 20, 2014
Trends in School Renovation (January – March 2010)
Making Sense (and Cents) of Renovation School enrollment is declining. Budgets are shrinking. Faced with these realities, more and more school districts are choosing to renovate rather than replace existing schools. Read more… How to Renovate for Student Safety Renovating older school buildings often requires significant upgrades in interior design which take advantage of advancements in...
September 20, 2014
Glazing Innovations Bring Light to Schools (June 2010)
Bring Light to Interior Spaces Glazing has become the building material of choice, not just because of aesthetics, but also because light increases student performance, reduces energy use and improves vision, openness, connectivity and security in the learning environment. Read more… Using Fire-Rated Glazing in Schools Advances in fire-rated glazing have delivered new tools to designers...
September 20, 2014
Limits on Glazing in 60 and 90 Minute Doors
A recently finalized revision to the IBC model building code limits the size of fire protective glazing, such as safety wired glass and safety ceramic, used within vision panels for 60 or 90 minute temperature-rise doors to no more than 100 square inches, whether or not sprinklers are present. To increase the amount of fire-rated glass in...
September 20, 2014
Block Radiant Heat with Fire-Resistive Glazing (2010)
ABCs of Balanced Fire Protection Schools place 15,000 calls a year for help in battling campus fires. The next step in curbing injuries and protecting school property is to adopt a balanced fire protection approach combining active and passive fire protection measures. Read more… The Dangers of Radiant Heat Where there’s fire, there’s an invisible deadly...
September 20, 2014
Wire Glass Considerations
The correct answer is “YES” and “NO“. YES. Today’s model building codes restrict the use of “traditional wired” glass in hazardous locations like doors, sidelites, and any location that requires safety. This code change limits the potentially life threatening injuries resulting from accidental impact with non-safety traditional wired glass, which can and has been broken...
September 20, 2014
2012 IBC Clarifies Fire Rated Glass Applications (June 2011)
2012 IBC Door Assembly Rating Table The door assembly rating table (currently 715.4) in 2012 IBC adds new columns that provide additional end-use information and limitations, and illuminate important differences in the permitted uses of fire protective and fire resistive glazing. One new column spells out size limits for vision panels which vary based on...
September 5, 2014
Reinventing Stairways to Promote Health and Productivity (September 2014)
There’s a “movement” underway to transform dark, hidden stairwells into prominent, spacious, inviting staircases filled with natural light. When the active design movement started in 1990s, it was two-fold...

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