April 5, 2016
IBC Clarifies Limitations and Code-Compliant Use of Fire Rated Glass (April 2016)
It is a fact that all fire rated glazing products have limitations. So when coming across advertisements urging designers to “be unlimited” when it comes to using glass ceramics, or any other fire protective glazing, they are misleading...
December 5, 2015
Fire Rated Doors: Standards, Testing and Glazing Requirements (December 2015)
Fire rated door assemblies are tested in accordance with the following standards: UL 10B, UL 10C and NFPA 252. Testings of fire rated door assemblies subject the components and/or the entire assembly to tests that confirm fire endurance...
September 5, 2015
Fire Rated Glass for 45 Minute Applications (September 2015)
There are many product options for 45 minute fire rated glazing. All meet the same testing and code requirements, but they vary widely in performance, appearance and cost...
April 5, 2015
Think Twice About Special Purpose Sprinklers (April 2015)
The ICC-ES first adopted AC 385 in October 2007 at the behest of a major manufacturer of sprinkler heads. In 2011, the ICC-ES Evaluation Committee issued a memo to withdraw its Criteria for this alternative in lieu of building materials tested to ASTM E-119...

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