December 5, 2019
Code Change Drives Industry Demand for 60-90 Minute Full-Vision Temperature Rise Doors (December 2019)
In the last couple of months, SAFTI FIRST has embarked on an ambitious, $8M expansion to upgrade our fire rated glass, systems, and door manufacturing capabilities in Merced, CA...
September 5, 2019
Fire Rated Glazing Helps Achieve Unobstructed, Floor-to-Ceiling Views in 2-Hour Atrium Wall (September 2019)
There is a growing trend in office space design that favors increased opportunities for connectivity and collaboration among its occupants. In buildings with multiple floors, this can be a challenge...
June 5, 2019
Fire Rated Glass Embraces Low-Iron Glass Trend (June 2019)
There is an increasing demand for low-iron glass as designers are being drawn by the color—or to put it more accurately—the lack of. When you look through a piece of standard glass, it is typical to notice a blue-green tint caused by the iron induced during the glass manufacturing process...
March 5, 2019
Best Practices for Specifying 45 Minute Fire Protective Glazing (March 2019)
Have you ever experienced “sticker shock” when given the budget for ceramic fire protective glass planned for use in your project? Or were you ever in a position of having to change your design and use of fire rated glazing in protective areas?...

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