June 1, 2021
Fire Rated Glass Delivers Vision, Vision, Vision (June 2021)
How Innovations in Fire Rated Glass Technology Maximize Vision and Transparency Glass has long been used by architects to add vision, transparency, and a feeling of openness to otherwise closed-off spaces. Typically, these closed-off spaces, devoid of natural light and vision, are in the fire rated areas because they have, by code, needed to be...
March 1, 2021
USA-Made Fire Rated Glass Helps UC Merced Achieve Triple Zero Sustainability (March 2021)
The Merced 2020 Project, an ambitious, $1.2B, extensive expansion of the UC Merced campus, is “the largest public-private partnership social infrastructure project completed in U.S. history,” according to the university’s website. This includes new facilities used for academic, administration, laboratories, housing and recreation. This was truly exciting new, and it struck a chord with SAFTI FIRST® because...

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