Fire Rated Glass Blocks Fire and Sound

ByDiana S
| October 17, 2003
| San Francisco, CA

SAFTI FIRST® Releases SuperLite II-XL That Blocks Fire and Sound Being Perfect For Acoustic Studios

Fire Rated Glass Blocks Fire and Sound

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SuperLite II-XL, a Fire Rated Glass Product That Blocks Fire and Sound

San Francisco, CA – October 17, 2003 – SAFTI FIRST®, a division of O’Keeffe’s, Inc., tested a new application for its SuperLite II-XL. Originally developed and used extensively as a clear fire barrier, SuperLite II-XL is finding a new home as a clear acoustic barrier. New applications for this multi-functional product are sound studios, manufacturing facilities, libraries, airports, high-end urban residences and commercial buildings — anywhere environmental noise abatement and visibility are desired.

The Sound Transmission Class rating for this product, determined in accordance with ASTM E413-87 by Western Electro-Acoustic Laboratory, is STC 49, which means there is a subjective loudness reduction of approximately 96%.

In addition to its ability to protect against fire and harmful decibels, SuperLite II-XL can be customized to provide security (ballistic, bomb-blast, attack-resistance), energy efficiency (solar, reflective), and aesthetic detail (etched, sandblasted, tinted, frosted, mirrored, etc.).

SuperLite II-XL features a unique, fire resistive intumescent inner layer construction and is fully tested and fully code approved for fire-rated applications up to 120-minutes. All SuperLite II-XL products meet the stringent wall standard and can be used without limitations. These products provide the maximum life safety, property protection and design flexibility (floor-to-ceiling), and now the maximum sound reduction.

Sounds good … reduces sound even better.