SAFTI FIRST® Files Patent Infringement Lawsuit Against Anemostat, TGP and Pilkington

ByDiana S
| August 27, 2007
| San Francisco, CA

SAFTI FIRST® Files Patent Infringement Lawsuit Against Anemostat, Technical Glass Products and Pilkington.

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San Francisco, CA (August 27, 2007) – SAFTI FIRST®, a leading manufacturer of fire rated glazing and framing products, has filed a law suit against Anemostat of Carson, CA, Technical Glass Products of Kirkland, WA and Pilkington PLC, a U.K. based company, for patent infringement of its SuperLite I-W, a CPSC Cat. II safety-rated wired glass product.  The complaint, filed in the United States District Court for the Northern District of California, alleges that each defendant is currently marketing and/or selling a product identical to SAFTI FIRST®s patented SuperLite I-W.

SAFTI FIRST® recently successfully defended its patent rights for another product, SuperLite I-XL.  According to the President and CEO of SAFTI FIRST®, Mr. Bill O’Keeffe, “Even though there’s growing concern among American manufacturers over patent infringement by foreign competitors, we are especially concerned about the infringement by other U.S. companies within the fire rated glazing industry seeking to benefit form our product development efforts.  Either way, we intend to defend our patents vigorously.”

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Founded in 1982, SAFTI FIRST® Fire Rated Glazing Solutions has been serving the architectural and building communities and continues to be the leader in manufacturing fire rated glass and framing for over 25 years.  As the premier source for code-approved fire rated glazing, SAFTI FIRST® was the first to introduce transparent fire rated walls to the U.S.A.  Our SuperLite™ product line, fire rated from 20 minutes to three hours, includes fire-retardant filled glass, ceramics, safety wired glass and SuperLite I-XL, a patented breakthrough fire protective product that significantly reduces radiant heat transfer (AHJ approval necessary in some areas).  SuperLite™ products can protect against noise, attack, impact, bullets, blast, hurricane and UV rays and is available in any custom architectural make-up, including enhanced energy performance.  SAFTIfire Framing are fire rated from 20 minutes to 2 hours. All products are manufactured in the U.S.A. with fast lead times.  For more information please visit or call 888.653.3333.

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