SAFTI FIRST® Wins Patent Infringement Lawsuit

ByDiana S
| February 9, 2007

SAFTI FIRST® Wins the Patent Infringement Lawsuit Against Jerry’s Glass with a settlement of $1 Million of Dollars.

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Judge awards $1 million judgment for SuperLite I-XL patent infringement, orders a stop to infringement in the future

SAN FRANCISCO (February 9, 2007) – SAFTI FIRST®, a leading manufacturer of fire-rated glazing and framing products, prevailed in a patent infringement lawsuit against Jerry’s Glass of Beverly Hills, CA and his various companies.  The litigation began in July 2005 when SAFTI FIRST® filed legal action before the US District Court for the Northern District of California, asserting violation of U.S. Patent No. 5,910,620 assigned to SAFTI FIRST’s SuperLite I-XL product.  As alleged in the lawsuit, after SAFTI FIRST® gave Mr. Glass a bid to install SuperLite I-XL  in fire and safety rated locations at a Beverly Hills senior assisted living center, and met with the Beverly Hills building department to get it approved, Glass (through a new company called FRG2000) substituted his own imitation product for SuperLite I-XL.

This week the court issued a judgment in favor of SAFTI FIRST® and ordered FRG 2000 and Allco Millwork, both owned by Jerry’s Glass, to pay $1 million in settlement.  This ruling also enjoined Glass and his various companies from any further acts of infringement.

 “SAFTI FIRST® is a long-standing innovator in the fire-rated glazing industry,” says William O’Keeffe, President and CEO of SAFTI FIRST®.  “We have invested tremendous resources in the research and development of our many products such as SuperLite I-XL, and we are fully prepared to defend our patents against any and all forms of infringement.  The outcome of this suit affirms our position, and strengthens our resolve to protect our patents from infringement anytime, anywhere, and no matter who infringes on our patent.”

SuperLite I-XL, fire-rated from 20 to 60 minutes and safety-rated to CPSC Cat. I and II, is the ideal choice where clear, non-wired glazing is desired to replace traditional unsafe wired glass in doors, transoms, sidelites and openings.  More cost effective than ceramics, SuperLite I-XL’s patented process creates a fire protective product that is 10 times stronger than annealed or ceramic glazing – reducing breakage and replacement costs over time while providing superior visible clarity and additional protection from radiant heat.  This product has been fire tested without hose stream and may require AHJ approval.

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