Unlimited Design Freedom with Fire Rated Art Glass

ByDiana S
| May 22, 2006

SAFTI FIRST® Provides Unlimited Design Freedom with Fire Rated Art Glass.

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SAFTI FIRST® Provides Unlimited Design Freedom with Fire Rated Art Glass

SAN FRANCISCO (May 22, 2006) – Fire rated, artistic, transparent wall systems will now bring desired light into a structure and make an artistic statement that is timeless. SAFTI FIRST®, the nation’s leader in fire rated glazing solutions, is combining art and technology with fire rated decorative glass using SuperLite II-XL.  This enhanced aesthetic in fire rated glass opens up the option of using custom art glass in walls, corridors and other applications requiring protection from fire, smoke and radiant heat.  This new technology is especially beneficial to design and building professionals involved in the healthcare, education and hospitality markets.

“This is an exciting time in the industry when aesthetics and technology are combined without loss of performance or function,” says Kathryn O’Keeffe, Vice President of Sales and Marketing.

SuperLite II-XL is a fire resistive, technologically advanced, patented glazing product using clear tempered fire resistive units.  This provides the highest level of fire protection and design flexibility with the added benefit of sound reduction. Fire ratings are offered from 45-120 minutes, provide maximum radiant heat protection and meet hose stream, pressure, and thermal shock requirements. Both products are fully tempered and not subject to wall area limitations. Applications are windows, wall systems, side or transom lites, full vision doors and door lites. All available with a variety of framing options and finishes.

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