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November 24, 2022
SuperLite® I-XL
September 28, 2022
SAFTI FENCE 45-60 Minute Heat Reflective Fire Rated Glass Fence Data Sheets Request a Quote Product Advantages Incorporates technologically advanced SuperLite® I-XL heat reflective specialty tempered glazing by SAFTI FIRST® as the ideal clear fence solution for homes or developments built near or in wildland-urban interface (WUI) areas and designated fire zones. SuperLite® I-XL‘s ability...
January 7, 2022
SuperLite® X-45/60/90
Clear, economical glazing for 45, 60 and 90 minute door vision lites
20 Minute Door 45 Minute Sidelite | SAFTI FIRST
January 3, 2020
SuperClear® 45-HS-LI
Patented, low-iron, clear, economical glazing for all 45 minute applications.
Exterior 45 Minute Door and Sidelite | SAFTI FIRST
January 2, 2020
SuperClear® 45-HS
Patented, clear glazing for all 45 minute applications
January 1, 2020
SuperLite® I
Clear, economical glazing for 20 minute fire rated doors.

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