Product Category | 20-minute

SuperLite® I-XL

GPX® Architectural Series Fire Protective

GPX® Builders Series Fire Protective

fire protective hollow metal framing. Used with Used with 45 minute glazing for fire protective interior and exterior applications.

SuperLite® I-XL IGU

20-60 minute, CPSC Cat. II, bi-directional clear specialty tempered glazing with partial
radiant heat protection.
20 Minute Door 45 Minute Sidelite | SAFTI FIRST

SuperClear® 45-HS-LI

Patented, low-iron, clear, economical glazing for all 45 minute applications.
Exterior 45 Minute Door and Sidelite | SAFTI FIRST

SuperClear® 45-HS

Patented, clear glazing for all 45 minute applications

SuperLite® I

Clear, economical glazing for 20 minute fire rated doors.