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Corporate Overviews

SAFTI FIRST® Now Offering Advanced, High Performance Laminated Glass Products

With our fully-automated Pujol 100+ complete laminated glass line,  we can now offer laminated glass using PVB, EVA and SGP interlayers.  We have one oven dedicated to standard laminated glass and another oven for hurricane, blast, ballistic and other security glazing products.

SAFTI FIRST® Capabilities Overview

SAFTI FIRST® is North America’s only vertically integrated manufacturer of fire resistive glass, framing, and entrances. With state-of-the-art equipment and 170,000 sq. ft. of manufacturing space, we are focused on providing the highest quality products in the market today. Learn more about SAFTI FIRST®’s capabilities in this video.

SAFTI FIRST® Expansion Phase 2: Glass Manufacturing

SAFTI FIRST® embarked on an ambitious $8M expansion to update fire rated glass, systems, and door manufacturing capabilities in Merced, CA. Phase 2 of the expansion upgraded the fire rated glass manufacturing facility to meet increasing demand and for safe handling of increased glass sizes.

SAFTI FIRST® Expansion Phase 1: Door Manufacturing

SAFTI FIRST® embarked on an ambitious $8M expansion to update fire rated glass, systems, and door manufacturing capabilities in Merced, CA. Phase 1 of the expansion upgraded the door manufacturing facility to meet the high demand for 60-90 minute temperature rise doors for exit stairwells.

An Inside Look at SAFTI FIRST®

What makes SAFTI FIRST® different? While other fire rated glass and framing distributors import their products from overseas, SAFTI FIRST® is the only single-source, vertically integrated fire rated glass and framing manufacturer in the USA. This means better product quality, lead times, pricing and coordination to accommodate even the most unique project requirements and conditions.


SAFTI stands for Safety And Fire Technology Inc. Our mission is to produce appealing architectural products that protect people while providing our customers with expert information, economical solutions, and unlimited inspiration.